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Kiara CBD Overview

Kiara CBD is conservative company that isn’t swayed by the latest market fads or popular trends. They make it a point to ensure that the remedies they produce really work, combining the potency of hemp-derived products with the best traditional herbal remedies. Kiara CBD specializes in CBD-rich oils, both pure and full-spectrum.
The founders of Kiara CBD take a holistic approach to wellness, and the benefits of natural medicines play a key role. Their products are complex and rich, and reflect their founders’ focus and expertise in plant-based wellness.
Quality control is of paramount importance to the company. Before their finished products leave the laboratory, they are all tried and tested, ensuring their customers get exactly what’s written on the product’s label.

The Kiara CBD Story

The main mission of Kiara CBD is to provide its customers with high-quality, potent CBD products enriched by natural plant-based remedies. The design of their complex and rich products enhances and complements the therapeutic properties of hemp. Their products are a combination of advanced research into substances derived from plants and time-proven ethnobiological knowledge.
With their customers and nature in mind, Kiara CBD only works with GMP-certified, organic, and responsibly-sourced ingredients. Furthermore, they manufacture their products using a GMP-certified facility located in the heart of the Swiss Alps. As a part of their commitment to their customers, all the raw materials they use are lab-tested to ensure the best quality.
It took the collaboration and efforts of a multi-disciplinary team of doctors, natural therapists, healers, and hemp industry experts for Kiara CBD to come to fruition. One of its main objectives is to bring new vigor into the rapidly evolving field of CBD products.
They achieved this by integrating CBD with existing medicinal herbs from nature into a holistic approach to health. Kiara CBD, in its more than 10 years of experience in the formulation and production of natural remedies, is still actively involved in further creating products designed to enhance or complement the therapeutic properties of hemp.

A healthier lifestyle doesn’t just entail taking care of ourselves but also taking care of our surroundings, community, our planet, and all of its denizens. This growing company started with inspired and inspiring individuals who are committed to leading an enterprise that helps make a better world for us all.

Oren Landa

Oren Landa

Co-founder and CEO of Kiara CBD, Oren was originally trained as a naturopath, osteopath, and a movement therapist. Early on, Oren has been a true believer in natural and holistic medicines. He also believes that gaining an understanding of our bodies’ natural processes may help us live healthier and better lives.
During the early years when he worked in public and private health care, he saw what might happen when people take natural processes for granted or, worse, ignore them. This was his motivation to search for better methods of helping people connect to healthier, more natural living.
Since discovering the powerful combination of holistic medicine and medicinal plants, Oren has dedicated his life to disseminating information on the benefits of these gifts to the world.

Boaz Lehman
Boaz Lehman

Boaz, who’s tagged as Kiara’s wild man and is affectionately called Bobo, is also a co-founder Kiara CBD. He’s a foraging instructor, clinical herbalist and a nature guide who’s trained in survival skills. Bobo is the head of product development and R&D, and feels most at home in nature.
His journey into natural medicine started when he traveled to Asia, the Middle East, and Europe where he learned about exotic herbs with medicinal properties from local medicine men. His thirst for knowledge about holistic and natural cures took him into the world of science, ethnobiological, and plant-related information.
Through his journeys, Bobo learned about the healing powers of plants and developed a profound respect for nature. Like Oren, Bobo also wants to impart the gifts and knowledge of holistic, safe, and natural remedies to others and help them connect to a more natural way of life.
The Team
It took the collaborative efforts of many dedicated individuals to build Kiara CBD. The team possesses a love for Mother Earth that is reflected in all their products. They aim to provide high-potency CBD and to explore the mixing of different kinds of medicinal herbs with their products.
Company Product Line

  • CBD Rich Oil
  • Herbal Tinctures
  • Skin Care
  • Capsules
  • Vapes

GMP Products
CBD Rich Oils
Pure CBD Oil

  • 2000 mg pure CBD (10 ml) – 20%
  • 3000 mg pure CBD (10 ml) – 30%

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

  • 2000 mg CBD with CBG, CBC, and CBDa (10 ml) – 20%
  • 3000 mg CBD with CBG, CBC, and CBDa (10 ml) – 30%

Herbal Tinctures

  • Deep Sleep Tincture
  • Pain Relief Tincture


  • Focus Capsule
  • 60 capsules.
  • 1000 mg CBD with herbal plant extracts

Vapes (more coming soon)

  • Vape Oil (full-spectrum, 55% CBD)

Kiara CBD is based in the very heart of Switzerland. Customers interested to learn more their products can send them an email at
In general, Kiara CBD oils and topicals are very effective and worth the price, which are comparable to others in the industry. The company does offer some budget-friendly products that are a good deal.
Regulation & Litigation
The company spares no effort to make sure they know exactly where they get their raw materials. Whether home-made or sourced from one of their partners, they take extra precautions to ensure their products are high quality and sustainably sourced. Kiara CBD is GMP-certified.
All materials used in their products are produced using pharmaceutical-grade methods with strict testing and meticulous protocols. Each step in the production process is monitored, tested, supervised, and registered. With all these safety measures in place, the company currently is not involved with any legal issues.
Customers can request the lab analyses, reports, results and certificates of the company’s products. Kiara CBD consistently makes high-quality products that are both safe and effective.
Industry Reviews
According to Green Valley Nature, Kiara CBD’s salve and cream both have pleasant aromas. You can apply the salve smoothly and this helps relax the muscles to alleviate pain after physical training. The cream also provides a considerable relaxing effect. The topical ointments don’t leave any residue and are absorbed into the skin rapidly.

For the CBD oils, you’ll start feeling their effects after 15 minutes or so. When you apply the oil in the evening, it helps you fall asleep. The full benefits of CBD oil will appear after about a week of use. Many customers have said that using Kiara CBD products for a month may help in the management of pain and promote better sleep.

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